The Pact4Youth working group held its fifth meeting

On 7th of March, the fifth meeting of the Hungarian Pact4Youth working group was held at the Ministry of Human Capacities. The working group defined its goals for 2018 and gathered all the best practices that the participating organizations have regarding.

Since 2016 the European Pact for Youth initiative has worked to improve opportunities for young people across Europe. Business and civil society leaders have constructed together the following joint policy proposals:

  • Make vocational education and training/apprenticeships an equal choice for youth
  • Make business-education partnerships the new norm across Europe
  • Mainstream entrepreneurship education in learning

AmCham Hungary is one of the actors that are involved in the Pact4Youth initiative in Hungary together with the National Youth Council (leading organization), the Ministry of Human Capacities, the Ministry for National Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the National Union of Students in Hungary (HÖOK), the New Generation Centre (Új Nemzedék Központ), the UN Youth Delegate, Bridgestone Hungary, Meló-Diák Ltd., the European Youth Card Association, the National Kid Association and the Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary (FIVOSZ).

The programs, projects and best practices of these organizations help the young generation in several priority areas of the European Pact. These priority areas are:

  • enhancing skills (STEAM, Basic Skills, Soft Skills, Entrepreneurship)
  • promoting VET/apprenticeships as the equal choice
  • inspiring to explore work opportunities
  • supporting young people in transition to jobs
  • helping companies to attract talent
  • supporting schools, teachers and directors
  • boosting and strengthening intermediary organizations.

The working group decided to collect the best practices and – based on the priority areas of the EU – identify those areas where further efforts are needed and where cooperations and programs should be developed. The Pact4Youth working group will prepare recommendations to fill the gaps and make policy proposals to contribute to the competitiveness and employability of young people.

Zsófia JUHÁSZ (AmCham)