Startup Campus Innovation High School Roadshow – Pécs

At the Startup Campus Innovation High School Roadshow in Pécs, Lilla Nedeczky, Vice President of Pact4Youth Hungary, spoke to 60 young people and their teachers about the importance of innovative thinking.

Members of the current high school generation are expected to face quite different labor market challenges in their lifetime than their parents did. They have to be prepared for sudden changes: changes in expectations, changes in the skills required, but even with the proliferation of digitalisation and robotics, they can change their careers several times. It is therefore extremely beneficial for young people between the ages of 14 and 18 to become familiar with the world of innovation, creativity, project approach and independent thinking at this age.

Among other things, Lilla Nedeczky, vice president of Pact4Youth Hungary, with the 60 youngsters and their teachers, talked about this at the Startup Campus Innovation High School Roadshow in Pécs. A thought-provoking innovation project was also presented by the participants of the roundtable, represented by National Research, Development and Innovation Office.