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Since 2016 the European Pact for Youth initiative - initiated by CSR Europe and supported by the European Commission - has worked to improve opportunities for young people across Europe. Business and civil society leaders have constructed together the following joint policy proposals:

  • Make vocational education and training/apprenticeships an equal choice for youth
  • Make business-education partnerships the new norm across Europe
  • Mainstream entrepreneurship education in learning

In line with the vision of CSR Europe, the Hungarian Pact4Youth initiative believes that for the competitiveness of Europe and Hungary, it is essential to have young people with the right skills, therefore the cooperation and collaboration between governments, businesses and education should be strengthened.

According to CSR Europe, there are more than 7 million people between the ages 15-24 in Europe, who are neither in employment, education or training (NEETs). In comparison with the European indicators, the labor market activity of the Hungarian youth is quite low. Between the age of 15-24 32.3% of the young people are active on the labor market, while in the EU this percentage is 41.5% for people with the same age range. However, the rate of economically active youth has been growing steadily in the past years, while the gap between the Hungarian and the EU rates have simultaneously lowered in a significant manner. In Hungary the rate of NEET youth shows a lowering tendency since 2014, as of 2016 the rate is 11%, which is 0,6% below the EU average. According to the findings of the Youth Research conducted by the New Generation Centre, youth unemployment is a structural unemployment, which means that supply and demand do not meet each other on the labor market